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Units Overview

Starcraft 2 is a strategy game based around the creation and usage of units. Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some units counter others very well, some counter enemy units slightly, and others end up in an approximate tie. By properly recognizing your enemy's forces and building appropriate units to counter, you will have a major advantage. Also, by properly utilizing the strengths of your units whether it be speed, flight, or special abilities, you can gain advantages in the battle even without having total counters.

Unit Attributes

The units in Starcraft 2 have many associated attributes. By understanding the attributes of each unit, you will understand the unit's strengths and weaknesses. These attributes include:
Built At - where this unit is created.
Prerequisites - what buildings must exist before this unit can be built.
Mineral Cost - the amount of minerals it costs to build a unit.
Gas Cost - the amount of gas required to build a unit.
Food Cost - the amount of food required to build a unit.
Build Time - the amount of time it takes to build a unit.
Life - the amount of damage a unit or structure can take before being destroyed. Some units regenerate life.
Shields - shields act as life and must be reduced to zero before actual life can be taken. Shields regenerate over time.
Energy - the amount of energy a unit can store up to use on special abilities.
Speed - the speed of the unit which may vary based on abilities and upgrades.
Armor Type - the type of armor a unit has effects the bonus damage that some units get versus certain types of armor and also effects some special abilities. Units typically have 2 or 3 armor types. The types are: Light, Armored, Mechanical, Biological, Psionic, Massive, and Structure.
Armor Value - this value acts as a straight subtraction to damage before life is taken with the minimum damage per hit being 1. This value can be upgraded.
Shield Value - this value acts as a straight subtraction to damage before shields are drained, with the minimum damage per hit being 1. This value can be upgraded.
Attack Targets - this tells you whether the unit can attack ground, air, or both. Some units will use different attacks depending on target and they will have different values.
Attack Damage - the amount of damage each attack does before armor mitigation.
vs Type - typically a larger amount of damage that a unit does against a specific armor type.
Attacks - the number of attacks a unit fires at one time.
Range - the range at which a unit can attack.
Weapon Speed - how long the cooldown is between attacks.
Passive Abilities - these are beneficial abilities that are used automatically.
Special Abilities - these are beneficial abilities that must be used manually or in some cases can be activated by "auto-casting".

Unit Breakdown

The units are broken down into three races. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. Individual unit stats and uses will be coming soon.

Counters Chart

We will also have a large chart of quick and dirty unit counters coming soon.

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