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Strategy Overview

Strategy is at the core of Starcraft 2. It's not enough to know what units are available or to memorize some build order. In Starcraft 2, you must understand strategy in order to win the game. This is where things really get interesting. For my purposes, strategy consists of macro, micro, race specific strategies, and team oriented strategies. Without skill in all these elements, you will have a very hard time winning games of Starcraft 2.


Macro is about gathering more resources, controlling more space, and building bigger armies than your opponents. It is the hammer that pounds your enemy into the ground. There are many macro concepts that apply to all races and will greatly help you on your way to victory.


Micro is about the small unit manipulations you can do to give yourself an edge. It is the knife that slices up your enemy. While many micro strategies are unit specific, there are quite a few overarching ideas that deal with units from all races. By learning these strategies, you can beat superior armies and pull out many victories.


The Protoss race is a good balance of aggression and defense. With many powerful units, versatile unit production, and the simplest upgrade paths, Protoss is probably the friendliest race for the beginner. However, don't let that beginner tag fool you, taking advantage of all the Protoss abilities and advancing to the upper echelons of Protoss play is no easy task. With Protoss, all the little things make a huge difference between being a mediocre platinum player and being a pro. In this section, you will learn all the little nuances of Protoss play to get on your way to mastery.


Terrans are the defense and harass masters. With many powerful yet sluggish units the Terran army often requires a methodical advance on their opponents. The usage of harassment units to weaken the enemy is a key factor in Terran success before the main force plows forward for the cleanup. Proper Terran play requires much strategic placement and thought. In this section, you will learn how to use Terran's advantages to your advantage and dominate your games as a Terran master.


Zerg playstyle and strategy is quite different from the other two races. With that difference comes many difficulties and misunderstandings about how to properly play Zerg at a high level. It is probably the hardest race to play initially. However, once those differences are understood, the Zerg is an extremely formidable race. It has many natural strategic advantages over its competitors. It has the easiest time macroing up a large army or rebuilding a decimated one. It can tech switch with the addition of only one building. And it can dominate entire maps with creep. Once mastered, Zerg may be the most powerful of all the races. In this section, you will learn the beginnings of Zerg mastery.

A Quick Zerg Wall-Off

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