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Pro Casters
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Pro Casters

Here I've tried to compile a list of the best professional casters in the game.

Day 9

Sean "Day9" Plott is a top Starcraft 1 player who has transitioned over to Starcraft 2 and is a high level player. His style is more like a TV show than a simple replay cast. He'll start with an opening monologue and ends with a Q&A session. In between, he'll do replays of games or sometimes play something out against the computer to help flesh-out strategies. His replay analysis is much more detailed than most casters and will often stop games to talk strategy in a fun and funny way. If you want to learn how to play Starcraft 2, this is the top notch caster.


Psy is a very good Zerg player (has been Top 200 on North American Ladder) who typically casts his own games. While he isn't always the most professional caster, he clearly knows his stuff and you'll learn a lot about competitive Zerg play and how to deal with all sorts of opponents by watching his replays.


Husky typically casts pro level games. He is well known for his enthusiasm in casting, trying to turn Starcraft 2 into a legitimate e-sport in the USA, and other activities relating to Starcraft such as making music videos. His channel is one of the most popular of Starcraft 2 casters on youTube.


Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski typically casts replays of Pro level games, but also manages to get interviews with some of the game's best players. He is an extremely knowledgeable player and also one of the casters for GOMTV (host of the GSL, Starcraft 2's top league). His GOMTV casts are well known world-wide, but his own personal pro level casts on youTube are also quite good.

HD Starcraft

HD Starcraft typically does replays of Pro level games, but does occasionally cast his own games as a master league player. His channel is one of the most popular of Starcraft 2 casters on youTube.

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