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Beginner Adjustments

Not everyone is a pro or even close to it. The vast majority of my readers simply won't be good at certain aspects of the game. One of the most common aspects where people are lacking is in consistent macro production. Do you constantly spawn queen larvae as Zerg and then use all of it 100% of the time? Do you have every barracks/factory/starport or gateway/robotics facility/stargate producing 100% of the time without queuing as Terran or Protoss? Probably not. Learning to do those things will make you a vastly superior player. However, I don't expect everyone to be able to do all that right away.

Unfortunately for you, most build orders and strategy guides assume that you do have 100% production efficiency. If you blindly follow those guides and build orders, you'll end up with a lot of unspent money because you simply can't push that money through your buildings fast enough once you fall behind. That's a problem which will cost you many unnecessary losses. Instead of taking those losses and getting needlessly frustrated, I would like to offer a crutch to stand on.

Build extra production buildings.

Any time you notice that your minerals are getting too high, toss down an extra Barracks, Gateway, or even an extra Hatchery. For example, let's say you're a protoss who's using a 4-gate attack. Four Gateways should expend all the minerals/gas that you can mine on one base. You do a good job of production up until you move out and manage to keep your minerals low. However, like most players, your macro slips while you try to micro your units. The first push ends without victory and you suddenly realize you have over 1100 minerals. You pump out four stalkers, but you still have 600 minerals left. You should take that opportunity to throw down an extra gateway,robotics facility, or stargate (or maybe two) and quite possibly take an expansion.

By sinking a little extra money into those production buildings, you can spend more minerals at one time to compensate for inefficient macro. When you first start out, you may end up having to build a lot of extra production buildings. However, as you get more efficient at macro, you can start to cut back on those extra buildings until you get down to the recommended amount. Even with mediocre strategy and micro, you'll be a pretty good player once you hit that point.

So don't get frustrated early in your development. Compensate a little bit for now. With some practice and a focus on macro production, pretty soon you won't have to compensate anymore.

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