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Build Orders Overview

Build orders are an important part in optimizing your early game. Having a good grasp on what to do in the early game through the usage of an effective build order can prevent many inefficiencies that will cause losses. Good build orders will often allow you to pull out an early advantage over less sophisticated players by giving you a tech, army, or resource advantage. Solid build orders from each race, taken from some of the game's best players, will be here soon.

However, I do want to put out one word of caution. Some people take build orders way too far. Too many things can happen before you get to 75+ food that will force you out of a specific build order. Therefore, you'll very rarely see me post a build order that goes above 30 food. Past that point, you should have an idea of what you want to do and approximately how to get there through an overarching understanding of timings and resource management.

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