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     Starcraft 2 has built off the success of its predecesor and is one of the greatest strategy games of all time. In my search to become a better Starcraft 2 player, I could not find a free strategy site or guide other than a few basic build orders or unit stats. The most helpful information has come from casters doing replays of matches; however, most of their strategic advice is not written down. It is my mission to go well beyond all current sites and give you the definitive guide to Starcraft 2. Welcome to Starcraft at, where the wise come to play.

                                                                                            - Ren


11/16/2011 - (starcraft) Added Challenge #8 - Opening Gambit.
8/22/2011 - (starcraft) Ren's replay casts continue, all the way up to #14 now. View them from Ren's replay page.
1/31/2011 - (starcraft) Added a fourth replay to Ren's replay collection featuring a 2v2 PZ vs TZ.
1/27/2011 - (starcraft) Ren's Replay collection keeps expanding and is now up to 3 games.
1/26/2011 - (starcraft) Added a section on Team Games to the ladder page.
1/23/2011 - (starcraft) Added information on the Ladder.

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